BungyPump Slimline BungyPump Slimline, 4 kg

BungyPump Slimline, 4 kg

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Product Description:
4 kilos resistance
BungyPump Slimline - a simpler model of training pole, retaining the quality and suspension of other models and suitable for those who want to begin training. The handle is slimmer and the adjustable Slimline pole is made entirely of aluminum.

Unique training poles with 20 centimeters built-in suspension and a resistance of 4 kilos.
Walking with BungyPump uses more energy than either power walking or Nordic Walking making it easier to lose weight in a fun and effective way. The built-in-suspension also eliminates jarring from the downward thrust of the poles. This means that elbows and shoulders are not overexerted while, in common with ordinary walking poles, pressure is relieved on knees and hips. As multiple muscle groups are activated simultaneously, your heart rate and oxygen consumption significantly increase. With the right technique, utilising the poles’ built-in-suspension and resistance to the maximum, you can increase the rate at which you burn calories by up to 77% and you use approximately 90% of your bodys muscles.

The poles are delivered in pair, complete with tips, baskets and rubber feet.

Height: Adjustable from 95 to 135 cm.
Grip: Cork handle and ergonomic, detachable glove.
Shaft, upper part: Aluminum 18 mm.
Shaft, lower part : Aluminum 16 mm.
Tip: Carbide.
Rubber foot: Natural rubber.
Color: Black.

To keep strong resistance we recommend replacing of suspension at least once a year.

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Produced by:  Wikinggruppen