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Product Description:
Sportspro Fitness - traditional walking poles, suitable for outdoor training for regular trainers.

Sportspro Fitness is a high quality traditional walking pole.
The poles can be used all year round and the tip can be changed to match the seasons and walking surfaces. The rubber feet suit normal surfaces, the baskets for soft surfaces and the tungsten tip for icy surfaces.
The Sportspro Fitness is adjustable in length, from 85 cm up to 135 cm and the poles will not collapse over time since they have a reliable locking system.
The ergonomically formed handle with padded strap gives steady support and has a quick release button on the top.

Walking with poles strengthens the heart, muscles, tissues and bones. Research shows that you can achieve up to 38% increased calorie burn compared to a regular walking. Joints, mainly in the ankle, knee and hip joints are relieved.

Length: 85-135 cm, adjustable
Shaft – upper part: Aluminium
Shaft- lower part: Aluminium
Grip: Ergonomically formed handle in EVA with padded strap
Tip: Tungsten
Foot: Natural rubber
Color: Black

The poles are delivered in pair, complete with tips, baskets and rubber feet.

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Produced by:  Wikinggruppen